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At Clonex, we believe that visual communication is the best form of interaction with clients. Many years of experience and investments in the latest technologies allow us in the field of digital printing, production of exhibition systems, decorations and textiles, provide the best and most-often-current printing solutions in the industry.

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Clonex has been specializing in the production of visual communication systems for over 20 years, cooperating with a number of domestic and foreign clients. The area of main activities is solvent printing, large and small format printing, ecosolvent printing, UV printing and sublimation. In the extended Clonex machine park, in addition to plotters for large format printing and finishing, it has a printing house, sewing room, assembly teams, a transport fleet and a DTP studio (along with a modern system of automatic verification and checking of files).

One of the most effective methods of large format advertising. It is often colloquially called outdoor advertising. In addition to the obvious communication function, it is often used as a way to improve aesthetics and to secure buildings, scaffolding or temporary structures during construction and conservation works.

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Projects associated with the branding of shopping centers, chain stores, and boutiques are usually very big challenges. In this type of projects very often all known technologies of large format digital printing are used simultaneously.

Both those used in indoor and outdoor. The following applies: floor, ceiling, wall and site.

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Sports facilities are governed by special laws. Due to the requirements related to the safety of mass events, it is crucial to know the applicable rules and regulations in this area.

An additional factor that must be taken into account are television broadcasts and therefore, without professional knowledge and high standards of branding, success is impossible.

Sports events (marathons, running, car and cycling races, sports shows, matches, European or World Championships, Olympic Games) are one of the most demanding projects.

Working with the “brand identity” of sponsors, under time pressure, coordinating production, supply logistics and assembly, means that only the perfectly planned action and commitment of the project team brings success and great satisfaction.

Due to the fact that these events usually last very short, the key to success is the implementation of projects taking into account the special festival portfolio, based on materials and products for short-term exposure.

Branding of a conference is usually a project that requires quite a long preparation. The most important element is the absolute understanding of the message of the conference and the nature and philosophy of the activities of the main sponsors in the area of CSR and strategy.

On this basis, we select and recommend a range of our products and materials as well as a method of implementation.

Branding of fairs and exhibitions is a very big challenge. Most often, we are looking for a compromise between our budget and possibilities with our clients. The fact that we carry out a lot of such projects confirms that we are experts in this field.

At Clonex, we are constantly looking for innovative solutions and expanding our range of products to meet the expectations of our customers.  

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Logistics and fast communication count in our industry. Clonex, due to location in Krakow, is a very good communication base for all of Europe. Close to airports and communication nodes that cut across Europe, allow us to deliver products to the furthest corners of the world, quickly and efficiently.

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