For us, printing is the result of technical skills and experience. We created Clonex so that the creative industry would have a reliable partner in implementing its creative concepts. We often take the role of an adviser, but we also learn something new equally often. This perspective allows us to constantly develop, be up to date with trends and know where we can be support for our clients. Such a case allows more.

2000 Our story began in 2000, when Maciej Szumczyk opened FHU KLONEX.
2002 Our first headquarters at 8 Pomorska Street in Krakow. We have started the production of visual advertisements and the sale of large format prints. The first order is the creation of 100 coffers and 200 billboards for the Nowy Styl company.
2004 The sale of printouts is developing strongly, therefore we decide to buy the DGI Space Jet printing machine 3.2 m. It was the first installation in Europe. The company is transformed into the Klonex Group.
2005 In a short time we are enlarging the machine park with further printing devices and moving to al. November 29, 94 in Krakow, we spend 11 years there.
2008 We exchange machinery park for faster and industrial devices with a print width of 5 m.
2011 In response to the needs of our clients, we expand our possibilities to print on flat materials.
2012 We have carried out a spectacular undertaking of the Novotel Hotel in Warsaw, covering 17,000 sq m of prints for Euro 2012.
2013 Another diversification. We have bought a textile printing line. We have started the production of flags and decorative materials.
2014 We increase the demand for prints on flat materials and install the industrial Durst P10 machine with the white color option and the Kimla milling machine.
2015 The lack of development opportunities in the current location confirms the decision to start construction of its own headquarters in Węgrzce near Kraków.
2016 A long-awaited move to the new headquarters and a very difficult year with acclimatization in the new reality. We're starting rebranding.
2017 Our hard work has been appreciated, we receive the "Gazelę Biznesu 2016". The rebranding is taking place all year long, which not only changes the name from Klonex in Clonex but changes the way the whole team thinks. We make a lot of difficult decisions and consistently strive for a set goal. We do not take shortcuts. We are building a new team, we are opening a new branch in Odonów, where we are installing an industrial textile printing line 3.4 m wide FabriVu340 and calender Monti Antonio.
2018 For the second year in a row, we received the "Gazele Biznesu 2017" award.